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Latest blog entries

Launch of ekoroad.pl the Polish version of ekoroad.com website

Monday, Feb 13th 2012, 11:32
Polish users can now access a Polish version of the ekoroad ride sharing website.

Release of Ekoroad 1_5

Thursday, Jul 7th 2011, 10:45
We keep on receiving suggestions on how to improve your favorite ride-sharing website and we integrate what bring value to the community. In this post we briefly introduce the new trip detail page that is part of ekoroad 1.5 . If changes you have been suggesting are not there yet don't hesitate to remind us we may pick them up for release 1.6 ...

Opening of ekoroad ticketing platform

Monday, Feb 21st 2011, 15:48
With Ekoroad, every vehicle driver can emit travel tickets for his passengers. The Ekoroad ticketing platform is an exciting development that will help securing real life transactions in between community members.

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High-tech maps

Your ride offers are automatically indexed to allow matching any along route demands.

By publishing your trip schedules on Ekoroad you are sure to be reached by everyone you could possibly transport.

An efficient community

As a community application enabling real world encounters, Ekoroad focuses on delivering quality informations to its members.

An advanced ranking system is in place that filters out fake evaluations.

Carpooling in Europe

The Ekoroad community currently serves more than 100,000 destinations in 40 countries accross Europe.

With basic support for multilingual interaction, Ekoroad let ride offers efficiently span multiple European countries.

Your business

Whether you are a casual or professional driver, the Ekoroad application put at your disposal usefull tools that helps you develop a quality transportation service.

A reservation/ticketing system is accessible to all community members that let vehicules resources being efficiently managed.